How do I start an automatic deployment from Github?

Last updated by Adam West on October 26, 2016 17:17

Each server or group has what is known as a "Deploy Hook", this is a URL that you add to GitHub as a web hook so Deploy is notified when new commits are pushed to your repository and can start automatic deployments.

Getting the "Deploy Hook" URL for a server

  1. Firstly navigate to the "Servers and Groups" page via the Settings on a given Project page:

    You can also access the page via the Servers box under a given project, inside the main Projects page:

  2. Next head to the edit page for the server:
  3. Find and make a note of he URL under the Automatic Deployment heading on the right hand side:

Adding the "Deploy Hook" to GitHub

  1. Open your repository up in GitHub (there's a shortcut at the top of Deploy labelled "Browse Repository") and click the Settings link in the right hand menu.
  2. Click Webhooks & Services.
  3. Click Add webhook
  4. Enter the URL from Deploy into the Payload URL, select application/x-www-form-urlencoded as the Content type and hit Add webhook.
  5. That's it! With this set up Deploy and GitHub will now work together to automatically push changes to your server.